ASMR Salon: Beauty Studio

ASMR Salon: Beauty Studio

Showcase your skills in ASMR Salon: Beauty Studio, the premier beauty salon simulation game.  Ensure client satisfaction post-treatment. Here, you transform into a beautician. Your objective is to assist the customer in overcoming any personal flaws they may have, such as imperfections in specific skin regions. Players begin their work by utilizing the tools provided on the screen. Observe the horrific wounds that have spread; immediate attention is necessary to prevent them from spreading further. Although at first it may seem rather frightening, clients will improve after treatment, and you may assist them in becoming more beautiful by guiding their use of light makeup, tattoo additions, etc. Treating as many satisfied clients as possible can help your studio become more and more well-known. Purchase this incredible simulation game now!

How To Play

Use a computer mouse to operate treatment equipment, allowing customers to quickly restore their appeal.

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