Blitz Slices

Blitz Slices

It's time to join Blitz Slices and hone your vegetable-cutting skills with this nice game! Looking at veggies sliced into little pieces can help you relax. 

Vivid Graphics

Despite the game's simple design, it manages to create an irresistible charm. The game meticulously designs every detail, bringing it closer to reality. Very realistic depictions, from color to sound, create an extremely ideal playground that all of us should try once in our lives.

Accessible Gameplay And Obstacles

The player's main task in this game is quite simple. Just click the mouse so the knife can cut vegetables into as many pieces as required for each round. After reaching the finish line, the player receives a generous amount of gold money. In addition, the alternating obstacles challenge the player's dexterity and reflexes. As a result, you must control the knife's speed to avoid hitting obstacles and ending the round.

Awesome Collection

To own a dream knife collection, players need to collect enough gold coins. Next, go to the collection section to unlock new mysterious knife models.

How To Play

Control = Mouse clicks

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