Flip The Knife

Flip The Knife

Practice your perseverance in the casual game, Flip The Knife. Swipe up to have your knife flip up precisely, completing the perfect round.  It just takes back-and-forth flips, but maintaining the knife's balance on the object requires some virtuosic skills. To become masters of this game, players must possess practice. As you progress, you'll discover opportunities to earn money, like freshly tossed fruits. As long as you can cut them with a knife, you will get more gold coins. Each successful transformation raises the amount of money earned. Invest in new knife models and build yourself a fantastic knife set. Furthermore, several barriers exist that prevent you from complicating the game. Therefore, it is important to practice adaptability to effectively handle any scenario that may arise.

Incredible Features

  • Extremely great images paired with exceptionally fluid motions create a highly engaging environment.
  • The sound is catchy and vivid at every moment.
  • Providing a range of objects, it creates a fresh feeling.
  • There are a ton of very striking contemporary knife models that gamers may explore. 

Important Note

You only have one attempt per round. If the knife cannot successfully pin to the object, the player must start from the beginning.

How To Play

To create a knife flip, hold and drag the mouse up.


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