Fruit Slasher

Fruit Slasher

If you are a fan of the Fruit Ninja game, don't miss this new breeze, Fruit Slasher. It's time to set new records in this game and become a master.

Specifically about the game

The game throws fresh fruits like apples, strawberries, cherries, etc. into the air one after another. To slash those fruits, all the player needs to do is use the small hand on the screen. However, there will be traps interleaved, so be alert so the game doesn't end!

Maximum of three hearts

Missing the falling fruit again is one of the limitations of this impressive game. This implies that you can only miss the fruit precisely three times. If it happens a fourth time, it means your game will end there. So try to show off your skillful knife skills to preserve the limited number of hearts you have.

Avoid bombs

In addition to paying attention to the number of slices, avoiding bombs is extremely important. This is one of the challenges designed to make the game more attractive. If you inadvertently trigger their explosion, the game abruptly halts. As a result, avoiding bombs is absolutely essential, so move your knife skillfully.

How To Play

It is incredibly easy to manipulate the small hand on-screen to slice fruits. Players just need to simply press and move the mouse on the screen.

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