Fruit Slicer

Fruit Slicer

In the amazing casual game, Fruit Slicer, lose yourself in the vibrant fruit dance mixed with the enchanted knife dance. Experience the ultimate thrill with three distinct game modes. In addition, the graphics have bright, eye-catching colors, giving players a very comfortable feeling. Above all, when the knife comes into contact with the fruit, its movement is extremely smooth, and the inserted sound is also very suitable. Create a completely ideal playground, both visually and aurally. Besides, the gameplay is simple and straightforward to play, suitable for all ages, so this is a fantastic choice for free days. In short, this is an extremely impressive game, so click play now to fully enjoy this fun fruit world.

Three Attractive Game Modes

  • Classic: The strawberry shape represents this one-of-a-kind game mode. In this mode, dropping fruit or cutting a bomb gradually depletes the player's three lives. In addition, cutting a bomb deducts not only hearts but also points. Therefore, players need to be very careful to protect the number of hearts provided.
  • Special: This mode has the same gameplay as the "classic" mode, but the difference is that there is a time limit.
  • Epic: The number of hearts does not limit the final mode, but the amount of available time does. You can collect some fruits that help freeze time, which helps increase the number of opportunities to accumulate points. Avoid the bombs so they don't explode and lose points.

How To Play

Use your mouse to slice the fruit

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