Grass Cut Master

Grass Cut Master

Grass Cut Master is a fun and addictive game where you will become a grass-cutting expert. Your mission is to clean a large lawn and sell the materials you collect. You will step into the role of a professional lawn mower character, using a lawn mower to create great agricultural products for sale. However, it's not just simply cutting the grass; you also need to pay attention to time and many different factors. If you want to become a Grass Cut Master, you must show your exquisite abilities and excellent maneuvering skills.

Each round of this challenge will provide an environment with a different lawn design. Within the specified time, you need to collect all of these agricultural products and sell them or exchange them for upgrades. Navigate the lawn mower skillfully to avoid falling into the water below. You can track your progress with the percentage bar on the left side of the screen.

How To Play

Players hold down and move the mouse around to direct the lawnmower's movement. This machine can navigate narrow terrain, as long as you don't let the entity touch the blue ocean.

Manage Time and Conquer Levels!

To have a satisfactory result, you should collect as much as possible and then sell. Besides, when you meet the conditions, upgrade your machine immediately to be able to collect more agricultural products in one turn.

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