Hero 5 Katana Slice

Hero 5 Katana Slice

In Hero 5 Katana Slice, you can transform into a hero with a cool sword. This is a surreal virtual world that gives players multidimensional perspectives. There are countless enemies surrounding you, the biggest goal at hand is to destroy them all. The left-hand corner of the map clearly displays the number and location of the enemies for the player to see. In addition, the heart located in the lower left corner of the screen allows you to track your life. When you sustain an injury, your health gradually decreases. If you let it return to an empty state, the game is considered over.


Smooth character movement effects. Each attack will have an extremely impressive slash line. Every time it injures an enemy, it creates an eye-catching blood splash effect.

How To Play

  • Cursor = Look around
  • Left Mouse Button = Attack
  • Right mouse button =  Throw on Target
  • WASD/ arrow keys = Move
  • Spacebar = Jump

Tips And Tricks

Every time you enter a level, the enemy will run towards you first. So combine both defense and attack. Proceed to areas that are deserted, gradually dividing your opponents to ensure their destruction.

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