Home Design: Small House

Home Design: Small House

Colorful Graphics

The room meticulously depicts every item, even the smallest details. The color scheme is quite harmonious, showcasing the room's vibrant attractiveness while also thrilling the eyes. The gaming objects provided are varied and realistic. All of this creates a very snug and comfortable environment.

Impressive Gameplay

Can you believe it? A small paper box houses all the objects. That's right, to start the game, the player needs to take the necessary items to decorate the room from the box and place them in the appropriate corners. You don't have enough time to carefully consider the placement of each object, which limits the amount of time you have to complete a room. Test your ability to arrange them immediately after taking them out.

Diversity Of Designs

There are up to twenty different room designs for players to discover. Each space has its own distinct personality, forcing players to put things in precise locations. There will be many challenging areas to overcome, are you prepared to unlock all of the magnificent rooms in this game?

How To Play

Arrange the room = Mouse

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