Knife Jump

Knife Jump

 Test your perfect alignment with Knife Jump, an engaging casual game with skill-filled gameplay. The main object in this game is an extremely sharp knife. This entity can cut all items on the main track, except spikes and molten lava tracks. Endless paths and countless opportunities to win points in Knife Jump will make your gameplay endlessly exciting. Furthermore, the difference that makes the game unique is the timer feature. Your time budget for each turn will be fixed. To increase the challenge time, you need to quickly score continuously.

The scoring method in this skill game is also extremely interesting. Every time you are able to stick your knife into a point that touches something like a target, the power of each slice increases by one unit. Additionally, some jump pads can cause the main entity to soar upward to reach floating platforms. Meticulous control of the knife's movements is the key to achieving impressive scores. At the same time, the points you win will be converted into coins. These coins will help players buy other knives at the in-game shop.


How To Play

All you need to do in Knife Jump is click the mouse button. Each time you press the old key, the knife will bounce, rotate, and slowly lower. Your entity can gain momentum while suspended in the air. Therefore, if you encounter continuous dangers, it is more important to overcome obstacles by pressing the key multiple times.

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