Knife Storm

Knife Storm

Knife Storm fascinates players immediately with its three impressive gameplay styles. Furthermore, you can also invite friends to join in two-player mode. Players can engage in the Classic and Ninja modes, offering similar gameplay options and two play choices. Those are time mode and bomb mode. Regardless of which mode you choose, the main goal is to cut as many fruits as possible. Furthermore, you can see that the Shoot section has a slightly different playing style than the other two sections. In this section, the player's objective is to pin all the available knives to the core. Additionally, you must exercise patience and meticulous observation to avoid stumbling into the strategically placed obstacles.


  • There are up to three diverse gameplays.
  • The game's shop has up to 24 knives, each with its own set of qualities.
  • Ninja and the Far East serve as inspiration for the graphics.

How To Play

  • Player 1: W/mouse
  • Player 2: Up arrow key/mouse

Tips And Tricks

  • Classic: Pin the knife at the right moment, being careful not to touch any previously pinned knives. Also, aim for apples to increase your score.
  • Shoot , Ninja: When fruits appear at the same time, perform slashing actions to create combos and get extra points.

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