Kobolm Rescue

Kobolm Rescue

Kobolm Rescue is a thrilling adventure that includes saving adorable critters. This is going to be a test of your strategic thinking abilities.

Fantastic Graphics

Bright tones are the main theme, effectively highlighting the game's cute lines. The layout of the landscape is very reasonable, each detail is created extremely harmoniously and beautifully. Players can feel the abundance of ocean waves on the beautiful deserted islands. Moreover, the incredibly realistic bricks or construction items make players fall in love forever.

Impressive Gameplay

The key point in the game is still to complete the missions, meaning the player helps the Kobolms explore, collect materials, and build them a cozy home. At times, it is necessary to wake up deep-sleeping Kobolms and direct them to carry out their tasks.

How To Play

The player navigates with the mouse, clicks on the Kobolms, and then clicks on the object to activate them. When the player has enough materials and wants to build a house, he clicks on the ground.

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