Perfect Slices Master

Perfect Slices Master

Perfect Slices Master invites you to the kitchen with delicious pots of soup. You will play the role of a professional chef with top-notch slicing skills. The player's task is to chop the ingredients for hot soup. You will need to make a certain number of cuts to meet the requirements in each round. Your knife can cut vegetables, cannot touch the thorns, and will lose control in a short time if it lightly touches the cutting boards. The tempo in each level will gradually increase to challenge gamers’ top-notch improvisational abilities. Are you confident in cooking 24 pots of soup from Perfect Slices Master?

Bonus points accumulated in each round of your game can unlock new knives. You will become a knife expert when you own all nine amazing knives in your collection. In addition, the game also has a “Skip Level” feature. If you feel the current round is too difficult to pass, you can activate this accessibility by watching a short ad. However, to improve your skills and fully experience the appeal of the game, you should not abuse this feature repeatedly. Remember that every effort brings good results! Have fun!

How To Play

Players just need to hold down the mouse button for the knife to cut continuously. Or, you can click consecutively to create more slices in a short period of time. Be sure to release the key when you reach the location of the cutting boards and thorny trays.

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