Pizza Ninja Mania

Pizza Ninja Mania

In Pizza Ninja Mania, you must chop the ingredients to create a delicious pizza. Show off your super-cutting ability to accumulate a large number of points. In general, you must chop a lot of fruit and dodge deadly explosions that disrupt the gaming process. The game showcases delicious ingredients in vibrant hues, creating an incredibly appealing atmosphere. The most crucial element is to have fast reactions and make numerous stunning cuts. As a result, it may help you practice this skill in a natural setting. So, what are you waiting for? Join this fascinating game as soon as possible, as there are three game modes to discover!

Game Modes


By chopping a large amount of fruit, players may create a personal score record. Also, pay attention to fruits with peculiar auras, they may carry vital help for you. Cut them to get that special power. Furthermore, cutting the bomb will result in a loss of one life, and the game will finish after the third time. Therefore, you must use extreme caution.


The criteria in this mode change somewhat from those in Arcade mode. A player cannot miss more than three ingredients. If such is the case, the game will end. The need to pay attention does not end there, if you accidentally cut the explosives, the game will instantly cease.


Gradually slice ingredients on the pipeline until you reach the target. If you accidentally cut a bomb, the game immediately stops.

How To Play

Mouse - Slice

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