Relax Slicer

Relax Slicer

Relax slicer is one of those impressive casual games that keeps players fascinated. It's time to pick up the knife and cut the objects into pieces. One can say that after each cut, it gives the player a strange feeling of relaxation. In a very short period of twelve seconds, the player's task is to cut the objects placed in front to get three stars. It is important to note that if you do not earn three stars, you will be unable to pass that round.The time constraint adds to the game's tension. It also helps players develop their rapid reactions. If you enjoy soothing games like this, don't miss ChopChop, it will have you glued for hours.


  • Brings relaxation after each play.
  • The gameplay is accessible to all ages.
  • A variety of items are provided.
  • Beautiful graphics leave a deep impression.
  • Train the ability to react quickly.

How To Play

  • Move Camera - WASD
  • Camera Up - “E”
  • Camera Down - “Q”
  • Shoot Slicer - Spacebar
  • Rotate Slicer - “R”
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