Slice Cut It

Slice Cut It

A brain challenge to guide the ball into the basket is posed in Slice Cut It. With just one cut, will you successfully complete the mission in all rounds? It's no exaggeration to say this is an interesting game, the more you play it, the more engaging it becomes. Players must cut wooden boards to guide the ball to the goal, according to a physics mechanism. Note that you can cut as many times as you want, as long as you can complete the task. As you can see, the game requires players to think and calculate to create complete moves. Aside from that, it also trains players to be persistent and creative.


  • Stimulates creativity, stimulates the brain.
  • Use realistic physics in these puzzles.
  • The complexity increases with each round of play.
  • Simple controls are suitable for all ages.

How To Play

Cut a perfect line with your computer mouse.

Tips And Tricks

Pay attention to the cutting direction, as each direction has a different impact on the object. Furthermore, there is no limit on the number of cuts, allowing you to freely create paths for the ball.

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