Slice of Zen

Slice of Zen

How many puzzles can you pass in this cutting game, Slice of Zen? This game promises to bring you the best moments and interesting challenges. In each round, the game offers a variety of different objects, along with a target percentage of slices that the player needs to achieve. If the index still does not meet the requirements after the three cuts proposed by the game, it is considered that you have not passed the round. Additionally, you can track the percentage after each cut in the removed section. Therefore, you need to invest in a specific, logical strategy to be able to complete the twenty challenging rounds where the game challenges your brain.

Game features

  • Provide many objects with a variety of eye-catching colors.
  • Each round has many interesting puzzle challenges to help players train their brains.
  • The bustling sound matches the graphics to create a fun feeling.

How To Play

Slice the object - Mouse

Tips And Tricks

Observe the goal percentage that the player must attain, together with the objects given, and then determine the right cut rate.

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