SliceItUp will challenge your intellect on a number of stunning levels. Can you skillfully arrange the slices offered in the designated slots? Take note of the circle in the middle, which will be the location where slices of different shapes occur. Your objective is to smartly arrange them to fill nearby slots, earning extra points in the process. The game captivates you not only with its ever-increasingly alluring difficulties, but also with its treasure trove of highly beautiful visuals. These breathtaking visuals will truly stir your soul. Can you rise to the challenge and skillfully piece together the right puzzle fragments? Put your wits to the test in this intriguing puzzle game.

How To Play

Use the mouse to smoothly move puzzle pieces within the central circle to adjacent positions.

Tips & Tricks

Exercise caution with each move, as the new puzzle piece that appears may take on a different shape. Therefore, strategically fit them into adjacent slots within the five surrounding circles.

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