Soap Cutting

Soap Cutting

Soap Cutting is the ideal simulation game for ASMR enthusiasts. If you are interested in this type of engaging audio entertainment, this is a game not to be missed. Your task is to cut off the outer layers of the soap blocks, each of which creates soothing and relaxing sounds. With simple key operations, you can perform every move easily and smoothly. A special feature of Soap Cutting is the discovery element. After peeling off the shell, you can explore and collect the mysterious items inside. This creates excitement and a desire to explore; you will never feel bored while playing.

With each level unlocking as you complete the mission of the previous round, you always have a goal to work towards. Your score will be evaluated by the number of stars and a certain percentage, helping you gradually open valuable gift boxes. Additionally, players can use accumulated coins to buy other knives at the in-game shop.


How To Play

You use the mouse to perform all operations in this game. To cut layers of soap, hold down and move the mouse from top to bottom or from the right across the main object. The opposite key action will remove debris after your cut. Only when there are no scraps left can you make the next cut.

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