Bamboo Cutter

Bamboo Cutter

Bamboo Cutter transports you to a world full of thrilling experiences. In this game, your task is to gather bamboo to ensure survival in an unfamiliar land.

More play, more fun!

To construct bridges spanning the next areas, players must meticulously collect the specified amount of bamboo required in each region. As they progress further, challenges grow more intricate, making the journey increasingly engaging. Alongside overcoming obstacles, strategically placed areas allow players to upgrade various beneficial items for this adventurous and rewarding journey, such as enhancing swords, acquiring skins, obtaining mounts, and more. Additionally, players have the option to sell collected bamboo for currency.

Cultivate patience

The required amount of bamboo in each area varies greatly, sometimes reaching substantial quantities. Occasionally, the completion of bridges necessitates a diverse combination of bamboo types. Therefore, establishing connections between regions is crucial for successfully constructing bridges and unlocking opportunities to explore new lands. Consequently, players need both patience and strategic gameplay to complete bridges as efficiently as possible.

Define A Shipment Cap

Players can only collect a maximum of 35 bamboo stalks per shipment. To collect without worrying about these limits, seek out the yellow bag-shaped power-ups for assistance.

How To Play

You can control this game using either the WASD/Arrow keys on the keyboard or the computer mouse.

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