Crazy Strike Force

Crazy Strike Force

In Crazy Strike Force shooting, are you a good sniper in a fierce battle? Players must equip armor and weapons before starting the game. Your adversaries are everywhere and incredibly deadly, therefore while hunting foes, aim and fire precisely. There is also offense and defense to ensure that you survive until the very end. This game has included unique features for regular players, such as Bolt Runner, Quickdraw Ammo, Silence Walker, and so on. An intriguing feature is that players may offer amusing chat comments to their opponents after defeating them, such as "you idiot," "try your best," etc. Try to be one of the top three winners and do the congratulations dance. Players may even design their own play spaces. You need to give your room a name. It should be noted that each room has a maximum capacity of ten members.

How To Play

  • WASD - move
  • Mouse - aim/shoot
  • Spacebar - leap

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