Cut Fruit

Cut Fruit

In Cut Fruit, experience the sensation of immersing yourself in the world of fruits. Are you proficient in using a knife yet? Don't overlook any fruit.

About Cut Fruit

Show off your superclass fruit-slicing skills like a master in this super-hot game. In addition to the unique graphics creating a cool and fresh feeling, the sounds also increase the realism of each slice. It's unimaginable that the attraction of this game is so great. Prepare yourself to divinely dodge bombs, create many combos, surpass your own record, and score very high scores. Cut the fruit into small pieces and enjoy the feeling of comfort and relaxation it brings. Everything has been prepared, just waiting for you to press play and explore.

Three game modes enhance the experience!

Yes! There are three meticulously designed game modes for players to explore in this game. Here are some descriptions to help you better visualize each level.

  • Arcade: In this mode, players need to follow the important things to be able to go a long way: First, you are only allowed to miss a fruit and let it fall back down or to cut a bomb at least three times. Second, you are limited in time during the rounds, so create as many combos as possible to create a record.
  • Zen: This mode has similar gameplay to Arcade mode but is not limited in time.
  • Hardcore: This is a more advanced mode of Zew mode, as its difficulty has been raised to a new level. For those who want to experience challenging themselves at a higher level.

How To Play

Create divine cuts using a computer mouse.

Tips And Tricks

The ability to observe and react quickly is essential, which you can practice when playing this game. Create lots of combos, dodge bombs, and don't miss any fruit.

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