Rubber Band Slice

Rubber Band Slice

Enjoy the feeling of relaxation with each rubber band Rubber Band Slice. This is a game in which players cut rubber bands around to discover objects inside. It's unbelievable the wonders this colorful world brings to you. This game boasts extremely attractive and ecstatic 3D graphics. Every time the knife makes contact with the rubber bands, it emits an extremely impressive sound. One thing must be truly acknowledged: it is a genuine sound. The basic mode includes a large number of rounds, which allows players to uncover a variety of concealed things. Discover the full potential of this extremely soothing ASMR game by being ready to pick up the knife. Remember, you can unlock the previously locked special mode by finishing all the levels in the basic mode. Hey! Can you guess the items included in each round? Join this game right now and learn what these things are.

Game Features

  • The game brings a sense of satisfaction.
  • Diverse objects: Discover diverse hidden objects through each layer of rubber bands.
  • Challenges are added as you progress.

How To Play

To uncover covered objects, use your mouse to move your cutting knife.

Tips and Tricks

Hold your knife firmly and line up your cuts precisely to maximize satisfaction. Also, enjoy the colors of multi-colored strips because they can bring many surprises.

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