Draw The Weapon

Draw The Weapon

The appeal of the battle in Draw The Weapon will leave you amazed. Besides, you can also develop your painting ability, it's unbelievable, isn't it? This game's unique gameplay mechanics will truly astound players.The game's graphics are not very advanced, but they convey a very intimate sensation. Players have a set quantity of ink at the beginning of the game to use to express their artistic ability. Here, gamers will use their imagination to draw weapons however they want. Now is the moment to begin the thrilling battle that promises to be a captivating spectacle upon its conclusion. In a constrained space with strong opponents, battle valiantly to win. Each time a player wins, they receive a set amount of gold. Players can invest their money in power upgrades. Your fighting skills also get better as your strength does.

Tips and Tricks

After each round, accumulate a sum of money and upgrade your fighting power. When in a match, continuously attack to make your opponent fall into space.

Attractive Features

  • Creative freedom through each stroke.
  • There are numerous thrilling matches to anticipate.
  • Players can explore a variety of different appearances.
  • Surprisingly diverse weapons.

How To Play

To draw and select improvements, use the mouse. During the battle, two words appear on the screen: "attack" and "throw." To attack your opponent, use your mouse to click on the two words.

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