Fruit Knife Hit

Fruit Knife Hit

Fruit Knife Hit, a knife-throwing game, will test your patience and accuracy. Timing and accurately throwing the knife at moving fruits is not an easy task! This is a casual game with a really basic design and rather easy controls. However, to fix the knife to the always-shifting fruit above, one must have some experience. Observing and then computing the fruit's course in this game is rather important for providing suitable knife-throwing reflexes. As you gradually adjust to the game's speed, you will undoubtedly experience an increased level of excitement with each play. It will help you stay bored-free and seated all day. The aim is simple yet difficult; accomplish it with your own ability!

Game Features

  • The fruit moves in a variety of ways, requiring the player to understand its guidelines for precise knife throwing.
  • Easy-to-reach controls: tap to throw.
  • Super-eye-catching fruit graphics create a fresh feeling.

How To Play

Throw the knife = Mouse-click

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