Throw Knife 3D

Throw Knife 3D

Feel the adrenaline of knife-throwing without hurting stickman in Throw Knife 3D. Display your exceptional talents to overcome even the strongest opponents. The game requires players to have a certain amount of care. Take advantage of each jump by throwing as many knives as you can, which will serve as a platform for the character to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Just one missed beat, however, can cause the knife to stick into the character. Therefore, it's crucial to practice extensively to easily defeat your opponents and reach new heights in this game. This is a highly entertaining game, not only in terms of graphics but also in terms of relatively simple gameplay. The controls are not too complicated, so it is suitable for all ages.

Game Features

  • As you progress through the game, difficult challenges begin to appear.
  • Simple graphics with harmonious color combinations bring a pleasant feeling to players.
  • The gameplay is intuitive and simple to understand.

How To Play

Play = Mouse-click

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