Veggie Slicer

Veggie Slicer

A great vegetable war is breaking out in the game, Veggie Slicer. In this game, players need to show their super skills when using knives. Enjoy the full three incredible game modes. The first option is "Classic," in which players have just three networks and must exercise extreme caution. Keep in mind that if you fail to slice the fruit and allow it to drop, you will fail. Additionally, slicing the bomb results in damage, deducts a heart, and reduces your score. The game offers a second mode, "Special," which differs in that it limits time. Therefore, you must safeguard your hearts before the game's time runs out. The game's final mode, Epic, also has a time limit, but you don't have to worry about having a limited heart, cutting a bomb will only result in points being deducted, dropping fruit is no problem. Therefore, players have the option to select this mode for practice.

Is this attractive Veggie Slicer game free?

No, it's not. You can freely enjoy it on our website without having to worry about any fees.

How To Play

Enjoy the smooth clicking and panning of the mouse, gently cutting through fruit, creating an extremely comfortable feeling.

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