Fruit Survivor

Fruit Survivor

A wild conflict rages in Fruit Survivor's virtual world. Play as a gardener, armed with modern weaponry, and combat the fearsome army of vegetables.

Interesting Gameplay

Vegetables of all shapes and sizes surround gardeners. They become more and more crowded, moving closer to your character. Just touching them will reduce the health column significantly. Therefore, players need to keep enough distance from them so that the knife can cut the surrounding vegetables. In addition to attacking, you must also engage in defense to ensure your survival.

State-Of-The-Art Weapons

Every time you level up, the player can choose another type of knife. So make your choice wisely. Your ability to attack increases as the variety of opponents increases. The game provides many types of blades, so please consider its features. In addition, when you win a round, new weapons will appear. Let's play and explore all the types of knives available in this game.

Strong Opponent

There is not just one type of vegetable; there are many; they are diverse, and the survival ability of each type is also different. Furthermore, those are just soldiers. When you reach the end of the round, the final boss appears. These peppers are aggressive and have the ability to scream fire. This encounter was not easy. Whether or not you can become the last survivor depends on your skills.

Collect Help

An opponent will inflict damage on your character each time it attacks. If the health column decreases too much, the game will end. Therefore, it is necessary to supply blood before it drops to zero. Keep an eye out for medical boxes scattered along the road. Collect them to preserve your life. In addition, when the player destroys enemies, they will release treasure. Move to that area to pick them up, or collect help in the shape of a magnet, and the treasure will automatically attract you.

How To Play

By clicking and moving the computer mouse, drag the character to attack while maintaining a safe distance from the opponent.

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