Slice The Rope

Slice The Rope

Whether the character in Slice The Rope can successfully eat candy depends on you. To pass the round, cut the ropes that hold the sweets appropriately. Each round, players encounter a differently designed challenge. Therefore, the puzzles are not boring, but on the contrary, they are incredibly attractive to players. Every time you cut the rope, players need to observe the situation and come up with a reasonable strategy for themselves. Try to help the blue character be happy, don't let him cry because he can't taste the sweetness. Maybe this is really a game worth playing. Because it not only brings entertainment but also helps players practice logic. It's time to start solving interesting problems in this game. If you have passed all the rounds and fall in love with the puzzle game genre, then try playing Slice Cut It. This is a similarly colorful game worth immersing yourself in!


There are up to fifty diverse levels that challenge the player's brain.


  • Level variety: fifty levels.
  • Cute 3D graphics.
  • Train your brain.
  • Simple and easy gameplay.

How To Play

Mouse - Cut the rope

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