Temple Of The Golden Watermelon

Temple Of The Golden Watermelon

Transform into an adorable watermelon slice in Temple Of The Golden Watermelon. Explore a new world to find the golden watermelon in a mysterious temple.

Delightful graphics

The protagonist is a watermelon slice with little legs but no arms, exuding sweetness and juiciness. Its delightful design and dynamic movements imbue it with an irresistibly charming appeal. This aspect notably leaves a lasting impression on players. We can consider the game to be a creatively crafted 3D experience, intimately and affectionately centered around the theme of watermelon.

The Suspenseful Journey

To successfully reach the hidden temple and discover the legendary golden watermelon, our small character must embark on a long and perilous journey. The intricately designed terrain requires the tiny watermelon slice to carefully leap from one area to another, diligently avoiding pitfalls. Assist the character in leaping high enough to continue progressing through the daunting path ahead.

How To Play

  • Walk = WASD = Arrow Keys
  • Jump Up = Spacebar

Tips & Tricks

To leap higher with precision, extend your hold on the spacebar.

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