ASMR Washing & Fixing

ASMR Washing & Fixing

Explore the cleaning game, ASMR Washing & Fixing, which features five great levels.  How quickly can you find the proper location for all objects? 

Gameplay Mechanics

At the start, players select one of the game's contexts. After that, they can have highly intriguing experiences amidst scattered objects. The player's objective is to observe and strategically place each item in its appropriate location. Can you correctly place each object on your first attempt?

Visuals and Detail

The game has stunning 2D visuals with eye-catching representations of each item. The game harmonizes everything from stroke to color and arrangement. Paying attention will reveal that the game meticulously creates every detail, providing gamers with a sense of realism and intimacy with reality.

How To Play

Use the computer mouse to move the object to its original position.

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