Fruit Blade

Fruit Blade

Within the time limit of one minute, how many fruits can you cut in Fruit Blade? Show off your knife skills, and aim to create combos to score more points. This is a highly entertaining game, after each cut, it creates a feeling of extreme relaxation. In addition to diligently cutting fruit to create their own records, players need to pay attention to bombs. This is an extremely scary obstacle that you should not touch. Because not only does it explode, but your score is also deducted by 10 points. So be very careful, move the knife professionally so that the bombs cannot make it difficult for you.

Game Features

  • There are detailed instructions on how to interact to increase slicing ability.
  • Variety of fresh, colorful fruits (pineapples, strawberries, kiwis, etc.)
  • Smooth knife gliding effect.

How To Play

Cut fruits like a master with just your computer mouse.

Tips and Tricks

Every time you successfully cut a fruit, you will be given one point. However, if you want to set your own score record, create as many combos as possible. When you cut multiple fruits at the same time, a combo will appear and get more points than a single cut. You should also avoid having ten points deducted for colliding with bombs.

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