Fruit Slice

Fruit Slice

In the amazing casual game Fruit Slice, master knives like a pro. Immerse yourself in three striking and difficult-to-overlook game modes.

The Appeal of Fruit Slice Games

Mastering the fascinating art of fruit cutting, Fruit Slice will take players into a game world filled with joy. It is evident that the game has lively music and 3D visuals full of new colors, this is a playground that is definitely worth anticipating. In addition, all ages may enjoy the straightforward and understandable gameplay. Furthermore, the game modes are plentiful, along with exhilarating tasks that test the player's skills. The combination of all the aforementioned produces an excellent chemical response that captivates gamers for hours.

Attractive Challenges In Each Game Mode

Explore amazing obstacles in the first game mode (Classic) and have fun. To be able to grasp this game mode, kindly learn some essential rules. Initially, players should focus on the three "X" symbols located at the bottom left corner of the game screen. This signifies that if the player drops the fruit a third time, the game will end. Furthermore, you must always be aware of the potential risks involved. The game will terminate instantly, and your screen will burst with only one touch. Those appear to be explosives, nearly ready to go.

The second game option (Arcade) has somewhat different gameplay but is rather entertaining. This time, participants are only able to demonstrate their knife abilities for 60 seconds. Use your expert fruit-cutting abilities to win the game. At the same time, to avoid losing points, players should remain away from explosives that are about to detonate. Don't forget to collect for yourself the help hidden in special fruits to increase your advantage.

If you are a newbie, you can choose the last mode (Relax) to begin your practice. This mode presents fewer challenges, such as no bombs and no fruit drop limits. Players will have ninety seconds of fruit-slicing fun. Can you set your own highest record? Create lots of combos to get impressive scores!


  • 3D graphics depict realistic fruit images, creating a cool, fresh feeling.
  • The sound is well-matched to both the movement and the image. Create an attractive playground.
  • Each game mode has its own, diverse color for players to participate in and challenge themselves in.
  • There are some unique assists, as well as the ability to create nice score-boosting combos.

How To Play

Slice = Mouse

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