Fruit Slicing

Fruit Slicing

Enjoy the feeling of slashing succulent fruits flying into the air in Fruit Slicing. This is a perfect playground for players to practice knife skills. Are you confident in your abilities? Let's verify through the records you have maintained. This is a fun, entertaining game that helps you kill time and is worth experiencing. Be careful, time passes very quickly. You must make good use of the short amount of time to score a lot of points. In addition, there will be fruits that cannot be cut once and need to be cut two or more times. This both increases the difficulty of the game and makes it different and interesting. Most importantly, if you don't want points to be deducted, it's best to avoid dangerous bombs. On top of that, support items for players will also appear from time to time. Take the opportunity to collect them to fully enjoy this game experience.

How To Play

Use your mouse to cut colorful fruits.

Tips And trick

Collect clock items to extend time. Banana items help players increase bonus points.

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