Knife Up 3D

Knife Up 3D

In the casual game Knife Up 3D, satisfaction comes from sticking knives into columns. Avoid sticking the knife into the ball—this is your skill playground.

Gameplay Mechanics

Feel the rhythm, then throw a knife to pin it to the post, making the ball bounce higher. This challenge demands creativity from the player. Missing even a single beat could allow your opponent to surpass you, hindering your progress in completing the round. After winning each round, you can take on the challenge round here to earn appealing prizes.

Game Features

  • Creatively and thoroughly planned challenges really capture players' interest.
  • Formidable AI opponents add to the exhilaration.
  • Eye-catching visuals, beautiful colors, and dramatic sound contribute to an overall stable game.
  • Unique reward mechanism.
  • A certain number of coins is required to unlock many incredibly inventive knife and ball versions that leave an impression.

How To Play

To launch the knife, click, then hold down to launch it repeatedly.

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