Càke Slice Ninja

Càke Slice Ninja

Càke Slice Ninja is a strongly addictive arcade game. Cut as many as you can with your knife to savor delicious pastries that thrill both sight and touch!

A Slice Of Simplicity

Simply master the fundamental principles, and you will be able to completely enjoy the game. Players just need to manipulate the knife to cut the cakes into little pieces. Playing is not too complex, yet it provides compelling relaxation. As a result, this game is suitable for players of all ages and ability levels. Furthermore, there aren't many rules to memorize, so it's definitely a good option for free days to pass the time!

Game Modes

To keep players involved, in addition to straightforward, accessible controls, the game offers two incredibly exciting game modes:

  • Classic: There are two conditions to keep in mind to help you accumulate more points: don't hit bombs, and don't drop sweets more than three times.
  • Arcade: Challenge yourself in one minute to see how many cakes you can cut. In addition to the time constraint, explosives are still potentially hazardous, don't cut them to avoid losing points.

How To Play

Slice the cake = Mouse

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