Runner Manicure and Nails

Runner Manicure and Nails

Feel comfy as the vivid brush with lovely paint colors glides to the fingertips in Runner Manicure and Nails. Start an exciting journey as a nail master. Unlike traditional beauty treatments, this experience offers a world of vibrant, appealing, and one-of-a-kind beauty. The brush moves automatically. To acquire the paint color, the player must move it expertly left or right. You start with a basic brush, but to enhance its beauty and meet the customer's expectations, you must perform numerous tasks. This involves gathering nail brushes and passing through designated gates. It's important to keep in mind that portals that have the potential to enhance your abilities can also lead you back to your initial state. Please observe and make rapid navigation judgments in order to successfully cross the finish line.

Amazing Features

  • Top-notch graphics deliver eye-catching visuals and bright, vibrant colors.
  • Interesting and different challenges pique interest in being conquered.
  • Diverse nail colors and nail decorations.

How To Play

Use the mouse to navigate and successfully reach your destination in order to receive incentives.

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