Sushi Sensei

Sushi Sensei

Create scoring records in the Sushi Sensei sushi-cutting game. It's time for you to show off your master knife skills and reach new heights. Delicious pieces of sushi thrown on top create super-beautiful images, resulting in an extremely satisfying feeling. The effect of slicing food is deeply smooth, which creates an ideal playground for individuals who have a deep passion for cutting games. This will undoubtedly be an opportunity to open up a place for you to practice your knife skills further. Don't forget that creating combos gets more points than single slices. Additionally, a bomb will cause you to lose ten points, so stay away from them. And there's another extremely important thing: you only have one minute to create a new record for yourself. So try to create as many combos as possible to score a lot of points.

Game Features

  • Helps players access Japanese culinary culture.
  • Wide variety of delicious sushi.
  • These combos are eye-catching and practice skillful cutting skills.
  • There is a detailed tutorial.

How To Play

Mouse - Slice the food


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