Sword Master 3D

Sword Master 3D

In Sword Master 3D, you can play a sword master and fight formidable opponents. Your goal is to slice anything in your path and finish successfully. As you progress, you will encounter more opponents with more diverse weapons. As a result, you must prepare yourself to adjust to new situations. Observe new opponents that appear and find their weaknesses so you can defeat them and successfully reach the finish line. The game includes basic visuals and extremely simple controls. Therefore, it is suitable for all ages, regardless of their skills. Players receive a sum of money after each round. Accumulate them to open up the possibility of owning many super-cool sword models in the game. It's time to pick up your sword and fight like a hero—show your opponents your unbeatable strength!

Game Features

  • Numerous new adversaries are gradually revealing their dangerous weaponry.
  • Throughout the rounds of play, challenges change unexpectedly.
  • Numerous sophisticated sword models are locked.
  • The controls are easy to grasp.

How To Play

Hold down and move your computer mouse. This action allows you to control your blade and engage in battle.

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